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How to make your Wig look natural

We prefer natural human hair wigs to synthetic hair at Stylux Studio. To be honest, we’d prefer not to have the world know we’re wearing a wig. The goal of wearing a wig is to feel as attractive and confident as you did when you had a full head of natural hair, which can be tough to achieve if you’re concerned about others saying, “Is that a wig?” at the grocery store or in line at the bank.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your wig a closely guarded secret, and no, this does not imply purchasing the most expensive human hair wig available.

Purchasing a high-quality wig can help you achieve a natural look, but if you don’t attach, style, and care for it properly, it will look just as unnatural as a ₹100 synthetic costume wig.

1. Replace Your Wig Regularly

Wearing an old stinky wig is the best way to announce to the world that you’re wearing a wig.

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a wig that can grow new hair, so we’re stuck with wigs that degrade over time. No amount of wig styling products or cap adjustments can save a wig that has outlived its usefulness.

Human hair wigs should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

2. Match natural hair color

It’s improbable that your hair is simply one hue unless it’s naturally black. Most people have varying shades of color and gradients in their hair.

Those gradients are referred to as “dimensions” by our stylist. Refer to “The reason wigs dyed in a single flat color look fake” to read more on it.

Wigs with rooted shades, on the other hand, combine various colors to replicate bio hair’s natural gradients.

Can’t find a wig with rooted colors that you like? Look for a wig that is a ‘blend’ of two colors, or has your wig highlighted and lowlighted two shades away from the wig’s base color.

3. Lace Fronts and Monofilament Tops


Many film actors wore wigs on film sets and at events for years, and no one knew they were wearing them until someone mentioned them publicly.

Lace front wigs create the illusion of a natural hairline as if your wig hair is sprouting out of your scalp. 

Mono-filament tops function similarly, but for the wig’s part. Rather than being machine applied, each hair of a monofilament top wig is individually sewn into the wig. This allows the wig hair to move freely and allows you to part the wig in any way you like.

4. Hair maintenance

We usually aren’t completely satisfied with a new haircut until it has had time to grow out a little. To achieve that natural, mature appearance, bring your wig to our stylist and we’ll cut in some layers or jagged edges with a razor. To match your hair, fortunately, at Stylux studio, we do hair cut and dye your naturally grown hair to match your wig at every service session.

5. Blending

 Lace front wigs are excellent at imitating a natural hairline, but they will never be as good as the real thing. If you have natural hair, try ‘blending’ your natural hairline with the hairline of a lace front wig

a.How to Blend a Lace Front Wig With Your Natural Hairline

Step 1: Move your wig an inch or two back on your head than usual, exposing your natural hairline.

Step 2: Fully attach the wig.

Step 3: Spray a little dry shampoo into your hairline and along the part of the wig, then tease everything together with your fingers.

TIP: Maintaining perfectly manicured edges is ultimately the key to a flawless installation. If you have long baby hairs, your wig should have them as well. One of the most important aspects of creating a flawless illusion is to mimic your edges. It keeps the audience guessing.

NOTE: If you’re going to try this trick, make sure your wig matches your natural hair color.

6. Line Up Your Wig With Your Natural Hairline

Your wig will never look real if it is not aligned with your natural hairline. That’s why it’s critical to take your time while putting on your wig and make sure it’s properly aligned.

To align your wig with your natural hairline, start by placing it just above your brows on your forehead.

Return the wig to its original position on your head, adjusting as necessary, until the wig’s bottom touches the nape of your neck.

Finally, slide the wig forward until it reaches your natural hairline, secure the straps, and begin styling!


Try out some of our favorite tips and tactics for making your wig look natural now that you’ve discovered some of our favorites!

If you choose Stylux studio, we will take care of everything; all we ask is that you come in for maintenance regularly to maintain the youthful appearance of your wig.

Do you have a favorite way to make your wig look “natural” that we didn’t cover? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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